Fiskardo Genealogy

At some point in every person’s life, the inevitable question of where did we come from comes up. I got interested in my family history and after a few months I was hooked on Genealogy.  Both my parents were born in the Fiskardo area, and though I started focusing on my immediate ancestors, I soon expanded to Fiskardo area families when I discovered the rich entwining of families on the Island.

Fiskardo is surrounded by a group of villages, including Antipata, Barzoukata, Germenata, Konidarata, Matsoukata, Steliata, Touliata, Tselentata.  You may notice a pattern in the ending of these village names.  The natives of these villages bear the same name.  If you were born in Matsoukata your last name is likely to be Matsoukis.  This begs the question if the majority of people in each village share the same last name, how does one distinguish each family.  The answer is that each family typically coins a clan name or “paratsoukli” as it is know in Greek.  Using clan names, you can navigate through a village’s genealogy just like a native.  The problem we face today, is that using clan names is an oral tradition that is dying out with the passing of remaining Fiskardo area natives.  This blog is an attempt to generate enough interest so we may preserve the rich clan names of Fiskardo Area Families.

With the help of many family members across seven generations, multiple villages and many clans, I have catalogued over 1500 people.  If you have an interest in Fiskardo Area Genealogy and wish to exchange genealogy information, please contact me at


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  1. -Greek Ionian Island

  2. -Area: 791km²

  3. -Population: 36404

  4. -Capital: Argostoli

  5. -Weather: 6-32 ºC


38°27′36″N 20°34′33″E

Port at Noth Kefalonia

Ferries to Lefkada/Ithaki